IRL Alpha Studios

Web3 Art Tech Culture AI & More!
Venice Beach California

Studio History

For over a decade our studio in Venice Beach has incubated startups pioneering research-incubation exploring the boundaries of creativity and innovation particularly in Web3 AR VR Computer Vision AI & More!



Creativity is at the heart of everything that we do


Innovation is our catalyst sparking revolutionary ideas and connections


Culture is our DNA weaving a diverse and dynamic community


Live Panels and Recordings: Dynamically charged using cutting edge technology, engaging audience-driven discussions, broadcasted live for a dynamic exchange of ideas
Live Podcasts and Recording: Exclusive, in-depth conversations with industry experts in a curated podcast format


High-impact networking events connecting creators, technology aficionados and innovators


Intense programming sprints guided by tech leaders, showcasing coding prowess

IRL Alpha

Exploring the intersection of art and technology with a community driven panelIRL Alpha is leading the Web3 industry in innovation and conversations around the latest news trends and culture

Additional Shows
Ordinals Are Dead!
Art is Dumb!

50-150 IRL Attendees
1,500+ Stream Views
10,000+ Impressions


  • Simple Shout Out

  • In-Show Shout out & Showcase

  • On-Screen Promotion

  • Branded Segment

  • Custom Commercial or Skit

  • In-Person Opportunities

  • Product Placement & Drink Sponsorship

  • Customizable Production for Any Show